Single Treatment SessionĀ 

Use the session to assess where you may be holding tension and particular bodywork techniques are used to treat your pain.



3 Session Series

The 3 series includes an intentional sequence of work: the lower body, the upper body and the spine/neck /core integration.



12 Session Series

The 12 series isĀ divided into three parts


Superficial Sessions
The first four sessions work the superficial soft tissues of the front, back and sides of the body.


The Core Sessions
Sessions five to eight, work the soft tissue structures that relate to the core, the deeper aspect of the body. We start from the feet, and end at the neck and jaw.


The Integration Sessions
The final four sessions, sessions nine to twelve, are the anchor for the work of the previous sessions.


Session 9 will address the legs and pelvis. Session 10 will address the pelvis and torso. Session 11 will address the shoulder girdle and arms, and finally session 12 will tie the series together revisiting your goals so you can experience ease and effortlessness in movement.



Mobility Training, Injury prevention and Rehabilitation

Private sessions prioritising structural balance, posture and mobility



Worksite Evaluations

Occupational therapy provides a combined understanding of how your posture and movement affects your daily habits and how your daily habits can affect your posture and movement. Understanding both is imperative to making long term changes to prevent injury, prevent repetitive strains and prevent pain.


Occupational therapists are trained to evaluate your place of occupation to assess what duties may be aggravating your pain or limiting your ability to function.




$100 per hour or part there of.

No health fund rebates are available at this stage.